Social and international development

We work with organizations, projects and communities to generate progress in the face of complex development challenges.


  • We help institutions and stakeholders diagnose and face complex social challenges.
  • We support projects, organizations and communities in the implementation of projects and strategic plans.
  • We help agents of change in the public, private, and civil society sectors to develop leadership skills to address adaptive challenges.
  • We leverage social learning opportunities in crisis and conflict contexts.
  • We facilitate the analysis and political work between stakeholders and program stakeholders.
  • We design and support adaptive management of development programs.


  • Analysis and diagnosis of social and organizational challenges.
  • Strategic implementation of programs, projects and change processes.
  • Analysis and tools for political work in the implementation of programs.
  • Facilitation of learning and social innovation in development challenges.
  • Consultative input for the authority in contexts of crisis and complex challenges.
  • Analysis of social conflicts and orchestration of difficult conversations.
  • Development of effective committees and teams.
  • Design, review and support of leadership programs for public services and civil society.
  • Development of leadership skills and adaptive capacity in organizations and programs.
  • Courses and workshops for skills development.
  • Individual and group coaching.
  • Case analysis.
  • Case-in-point learning.