CLA offers tailored leadership development programmes to organisations, projects, and groups seeking to expand their leadership practice. Drawing on the adaptive leadership framework developed at Harvard, and other complementary approaches, we develop the essential leadership skills needed to confront today’s complex challenges.

CLA works with clients to develop their organisational adaptability in the face of rapid change and unpredictability. We work with executive teams, directors, and senior managers to navigate challenges in their sectors and address strategic priorities in their organisations.

CLA provides tailored coaching services to individuals and teams needing to strengthen their leadership skills. Our coaching programmes provide a powerful framework and practical tools to lead effectively in multiple contexts and from any organisational position.

Sectors and practice areas


CLA works with international, national, and local education institutions to navigate the demands and pressures facing the education sector. Our extensive experience working with ministry officials, administrators, boards, faculty, and teachers enables us to deliver impactful programmes and services to address diverse educational challenges.


The COVID 19 pandemic has posed immense challenges for health services around the world. Ministries, hospitals, and health workers have had to learn and adapt in extreme conditions. CLA develops the essential leadership skills and organisational adaptability needed to provide quality patient care in these challenging times. We partner with health professionals, hospital administrators, doctors, and nurse managers to implement programmes and initiatives that drive change in critical areas.

International development

CLA partners with donors, management consulting firms, governments, and international and local organizations to implement projects that provide meaningful impact in key development challenges, including climate change, diversity and inclusion, food security, education, and health. We work closely with organizations to develop adaptive management practices and deliver programmes aligned with Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation principles.


Governments around the world face tremendous social, environmental, and economic pressures. Public sector spending during the global pandemic has created unprecedented levels of national debt. Carrying out successful recovery plans while managing the challenges posed by climate change, changing demographics, and volatile markets demands efficiency, collaboration, and innovation at all levels of government. CLA works with public sector officials, policy makers, and senior managers to develop the leadership skills needed to address these urgent challenges.



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