Transforming the culture

Transforming the culture

By the end of 2017 Mallplaza determines the need to propel a cultural transformation to successfully meet the demands of the environment.

The Purpose

To install an organizational culture that adapts to internal and external context changes, to lead the upcoming stages of development of Mallplaza.

The Route

Diagnosis of the culture, and elements to be maintained, eliminated, and incorporated. Definitions of a new culture, adjustment process, and its subsequent internalization, with specific consolidation.

The Adaptative Capacity

To re-think the work philosophy and change a style that has hitherto been successful, but has not made the most of great organizational potentials.

The Impact

  • Dedicated work by all the authorities of the organization to define and install a new culture.
  • New corporate values and conducts are transmitted to the entire company.
  • Cultural work instances of all the teams of the company for the diagnosis and closing of gaps.
  • An executive team with new effectiveness skills.

CLA is a consultant firm that takes part and strongly connects with its clients focusing on strategy with its clients and achieves to motivate, displace, and mobilize the different ways of leadership that exist within the Company to achieve the different challenges the business faces.

Fernando de Peña

Mallplaza Executive vice-president