SMU’s Transformation

SMU’s Transformation

Initially, SMU required an organizational transformation to face important challenges of the business. Six years later, a reconsideration of the cultural definitions is considered to adapt to the new times.

The Purpose

To face the changes in the environment, strengthening the organization and adapting its culture to develop its adaptive capacity.

The Route

A strategy and cultural definitions were established with more than 100 leaders to later reach mid-level management positions through a cultural internalization exercise. Six years later we updated those definitions in order to adapt to new challenges.

The Adaptative Capacity

To highlight the importance of developing the organization and its culture as a key asset to face the diverse challenges of the business. And align certain key competencies in the leaders that work with distributed teams and very diverse realities.

The Impact

  • During the first phase, the process allowed a strategic and cultural alignment that helped the organization to face the challenges of the business and was able to contain and unify the organization during hard times, allowing it to progress
  • Additionally, skills and a common language were developed that increased the adaptive capacity of the leaders and the organization.
  • In the new phase, an alignment was generated around the cultural challenge and principles to be prioritized for the sustainability of the organization in the future.

SMU has worked with CLA on two occasions. Together we reviewed and developed the current Purpose of our company and the Values that we send across. This has been achieved practically and concretely and has allowed for almost 30.000 SMU collaborators to internalize these values in their daily lives. During another period of our company, CLA was part of the creation and implementation of leadership programs based on concepts that we use in conversations and meetings to this day

Marcelo Gálvez