Development of executive committees

Development of executive committees

The organization’s management team seeks to transform and to lead the company to a greater level of competitiveness by strengthening the management committee and developing the Commercial Management’s abilities

The Purpose

To become a solid management committee, with a clear purpose, capable of inspiring and challenging their teams in order to improve their customers lives and transforming the industry.

The Route

A process with the management committee to align their way of working and interaction with the purpose and vision of the organization. In addition, a team development program was created with the commercial committee.

The Adaptative Capacity

To become a cohesive team with a clear purpose. To focus on the dynamics, not just the task. To build trust among each other in order to challenge themselves and carry out difficult conversations.

The Impact

  • Transformation of the Management Committee. Greater alignment towards their purpose, a better understanding of the impact that their roles have on other instances of the organization, and a better capacity of holding the necessary conversations that are required to challenge themselves. The team has reached a level of confidence that has allowed them to get through the pandemic and exceed the expectations of the directory.
  • Development of the Commercial Committee. Greater awareness of the adaptative challenges they face and what they need to change to mobilize the organization in the new normal. 12% increase of their self-assessment as a team.

We had the great challenge of taking the company to the next level. To achieve it, the management committee had to go through a transformation process, to align our vision and purpose in terms of interacting and facing challenges, working in teams and leading

Diego Reyes

Oechsle CEO