Cultural definitions

Cultural definitions

The challenges of digital transformation and becoming an innovative organization imply a deep cultural change. Ecopetrol needed to focus on its cultural definitions in order to guide this process.

The Purpose

To create an updated version of the culture model, that comprises what has been achieved and connects it to Ecopetrol’s 2030 vision, as well as the organizational transformation that must be carried out to achieve it.

The Route

A governance was established to lead the process, involving the entire organization in different reflection and work instances, for the joint construction of cultural definitions.

The Adaptative Capacity

To align different views of what should be prioritized about the culture and to integrate all the elements that a cultural declaration must have in an energy business.

The Impact

  • Ecopetrol managed to have more clarity of the cultural challenge, which involved being able to achieve its purpose and vision as an organization and managed a better alignment of the principles that needed to be prioritized to move towards it.
  • This was achieved by the engagement of more than 10.000 workers of the organization, through collaborative work to define Cultural Principles.

CLA has allowed Ecopetrol’s employees to actively participate in the construction of our culture declaration. Thanks to CLA’s methodology, a propitious collaboration environment was achieved during this construction process, which helped the consolidation of different approaches, opinions, and thematics around our culture declaration

Felipe Bayón

Ecopetrol CEO