Challenges of the Corporative Board

Challenges of the Corporative Board

A new management team - in charge of leading the transformation of a company that has lost the trust of some of its stakeholders - seeks to reconnect to lead the change acting as a coalition.

The Purpose

Developing the corporative board as a coalition of change that is capable of leading the transformation of the organization.

The Route

Analysis of the management team through interviews and a coalition survey, to promote mobilizing conversations and the development of adaptive leadership skills, powered with individual coaching sessions.

The Adaptative Capacity

To gain back the trust of members of the management team in order to focus their purposes and leadership towards the strategic challenges of the business, acting as a real coalition.

The Impact

  • Remarkable increase in the key variables of the coalition for change: 23 points in openness to disagreement, 33 points in shared responsibility and   20 points in clarity towards facing a challenge.
  • Improvement in the team’s self-perception: today feel like a better version of themselves, better prepared to face the challenges that Grupo Familia comes across.

...The Familia management team worked with CLA to analyze and develop a set of abilities in the face of evolution and transformation of the company that we are leading… A great alliance towards change has been developed and reinforced, where there is room for disagreement, joint responsibility and primarily the team’s confidence is taken to the next level

Andrés Gómez

Grupo Familia General Manager