Cámara de Comercio de Santiago


By the end of 2006, the CCS identifies the need to be modernized as a guild. This leads to a process of transformation in its 5 organizational dimensions.

The Purpose

To be a modern trade association, with the internal abilities to stay ahead of future trends and serve their partners starting from there.

The Route

Definition of a value proposition, a strategic map, an uplifting of the CCS culture, and working with the leaders. Activities deployed in different levels and groups of the organization. From the board to the employees.

The Adaptative Capacity

To question assumptions and change the work philosophy. For everyone to feel like they are part of the same organization , with its partners being at the center of the task.

The Impact

  • More than 120 collaborators influenced through the workshops.
  • Co-construction of the 2030 vision of the Chamber.
  • 10% point increase in the alignment of the Executive Committee. Today the organization’s executive team works in synergy and has managed to face the biggest global crisis providing their partners with better and bigger resolutions, thereby achieving their purpose of booting the development of an entrepreneurial Chile.

CLA supported us through the chamber’s entire transformative journey, focusing on mobilizing change starting from the people to achieve an impact on our partners.

Carlos Soublette

CCS General Manager