2020 course – An advanced method for success

2020 course - An advanced method for success

Facing the incredible changes that the retail industry has gone through, Grupo Éxito engages in a reflective process to construct an advanced method for success, which is in turn, closely linked to the growth of their adaptive capacity.

The Purpose

To increase the organization’s adaptative capacity emphasizing on certain cultural traits such as moments for reflection, a strategic approach, and room for disagreement.

The Route

An application of measuring instruments to the executive committee and more than 800 leaders of the organization. Based on the analysis an accompaniment plan was carried through for the board of directors and an online training program for the 113 leaders of the company.

The Adaptative Capacity

To re-think about our work philosophy as a management team and as an organization, acting as a coalition for change to face the challenges of the business.

The Impact

  • More than 130 people reached with the program.
  • A greater ability of the executives to reflect during the process through mobilizing conversations.
  • A greater outlook of the company as a foundation for the transformation of the business from a more empowered and distributed leadership.

Grupo Éxito’s management team has taken a journey alongside CLA that has contributed to a thorough reflection of the company, out adaptability towards change and a reconsideration of our work habits. I do no doubt that this early work with CLA has made us stronger to solidly and nimbly face the challenges of the pandemic as a team and as an organization

Carlos Mario Giraldo

President of Grupo Éxito