Incorporation of diversity

We accompany organizations in the generation of inclusive cultures, where each person can contribute all of their value to form a sustainable organization that is capable of adapting to an increasingly complex and changing world

Focal points

Conviction of the senior management

We support the awareness of the organization's executive teams to achieve their active commitment in the D&I strategy and in their role as ambassadors of an inclusive culture.

Strategic accompaniment

We accompany the team that leads the D&I agenda in the organization in every step of the design and implementation of a sustainable D&I strategy.

Training and development of skills

We carry out interventions with people and teams to address inclusion, focusing on their particular situations, identifying assumptions and losses, and fostering commitments for visible progress.

Articulation of collaboration networks

We create spaces for collaboration between different entities, teams and people who mobilize inclusion from different spaces, in order to contain, share good practices, and give visibility to this work.

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