One of the key aspects of the methodology we have developed is what we have called the Case-in-Point® exercise to deal with concrete organizational challenges, in real time, ensuring that the resources and time invested by the organization generate tangible results focusing on the changes at a strategic, management and cultural level and on empowering teams and people.


We use a variety of tools to mobilize change, each involving direct contact with people in order to enhance the learning process. The following are some of the tools used in our methodology throughout the different stages of the process:

  • Internal and external systemic analysis: surveys, interviews and reports.
  • Meetings to question assumptions, clarify the adaptive challenges and define strategy, structure and culture.
  • Construction of an organizational narrative.
  • Regular measurements of progress.
  • Workshops to mobilize the change process, bringing in skills and language.
  • Emblematic business projects, with interdisciplinary teams.