CLA is an upper management consulting firm that applies an adaptive and systemic approach to help organizations overcome more complex challenges, on the premise that the change processes this implies depends on the ability to make an impact on people.

CLA was founded in 2002 in the USA drawing on the work of Harvard University professors Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky who have been involved in and have been conducting in-depth research for over 30 years on the exercise of leadership and its connection with organizational change processes.

CLA Consulting, renowned for its methodology and effectiveness, began operating in Latin America in 2004 with a team headed by Juan Carlos Eichholz, focusing on the adaptive capacity of organizations. The firm currently has offices in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Australia.

Throughout the years we have learned that no change is possible in an organization if changes don’t occur, in part, in the behavior and in the hearts and minds of the people involved. But we also understand that an organization is a system and not just the mere sum of individuals who work there.